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Too frequently, we take the many comforts of home for granted. We often fail to pay much attention to the condition of the amenities and systems we depend on for shelter and comfort are in. Rather than, inspecting our home and appliances and maintaining them properly, we wait for something catastrophic to go wrong. Most of the time we get by alright and deal with emergencies as they come. But when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of your air conditioner- letting things go uncared for can be very expensive. Here are five key benefits of scheduling routine ac maintenance:

1. Obtain Optimal Efficiency
Even older, outdated air conditioners can make up for being in poor condition by turning up the power. The way it usually works is inefficiencies in the system like a dirty filter, perforated ducts, or a worn out motor reduce the cooling ability of the system. Then the unit just works harder to keep your indoor air temperature where you want it. A lot of people don’t notice until the utility bills start getting inexplicably high. Regular maintenance will prevent this from happening by keeping your AC running smoothly.

2. Equipment Will Last Longer
Thinking of the previous scenario, it’s not hard to imagine critical components of an air conditioning unit breaking down. If this happens when you’re not ready, you may not have it in your budget to purchase a quality replacement. That will cost you more in the long run with lower efficiency- and likely a shorter lifespan. Keeping your unit properly maintained will help it to run smoothly, avoiding expensive and unexpected breakdowns.

3. Greater Comfort
A well-running air conditioning unit will not only operate more efficiently, saving you money- but it will also offer a number of other benefits that come with clean, well regulated indoor air. Cool air helps us sleep at night, and a quiet running system will be less disruptive generally.

4. Better Air Quality
Another important component of an AC unit that people sometimes forget about is the air filter. A clean and new air filter screens out pollutants and allergens, making life indoors more healthy, and more pleasant.

5. Better Reliability
Of course, the last thing you need during the summer heat is a sudden loss of cool, clean, and dry indoor air. Having to replace your system right before or after a vacation or summer activities can be very disruptive.

Avoid all the trouble, and have your air conditioner scheduled for regular preventative maintenance. Here at Beckham & Jones Heating and Air in Huntsville, Texas, we offer regular and 24-hour emergency care for your AC and heating needs. Give us a call or click today to learn more!

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