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If it’s time to replace the current furnace in your Midway, TX home, you might be curious about used furnaces. Home restoration and remodeling professionals and others may remove furnaces from homes before teardowns or large projects, and they may offer those used furnaces for sale. Before you pick and install a used furnace, it’s important to know whether or not doing so is safe for your household.

Potential Safety Issues With a Used Furnace

Used furnaces may have parts that are worn out, damaged, or no longer safe to use. The process of removing a furnace and installing it in a new home could also cause additional damage that leads to safety issues such as gas valve problems, cracked heat exchangers, and damaged ignitions.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Furnace

Before you buy a used furnace, ask where it came from. You may want to know why it was removed and why it is no longer in use at its original location. Some other questions to ask include its maintenance history, repair history, age, and whether or not it’s still under warranty. Ask whether or not it was installed and removed by a licensed HVAC technician.

How to Save Money on a Furnace Installation

If you choose to buy a used furnace, select one for sale by the manufacturer or a trusted HVAC company. Some manufacturers offer discounts on new furnaces that have been discontinued from production. You can also save money by applying for tax incentives and rebates for new, energy-efficient furnaces.

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