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Conventional air conditioning systems have been effective but not as efficient as they are known to push electricity bills through the roof. Fortunately, technological advancements have led to the innovation of energy-efficient AC units that save significantly on energy costs.

What is an energy efficient AC?

An energy efficient AC system uses less energy to regulate the room’s temperature all year round. The energy efficiency of a cooling system is determined by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating shortly known as SEER. The higher the SEER rating, the greater your system’s efficiency.

So how does energy efficient cooling system save money?

Replacing or upgrading your old air conditioning unit with a newer one that has a better SEER rating implies lower energy bills. Should you be using several units to regulate your home during the hot summer nights, the costs will be further reduced.

Maximum energy efficiency cannot be achieved without proper installation. Otherwise, the homeowner ends up wasting money and energy. It is therefore imperative that you engage the services of a qualified technician to do the installation.

Servicing your units is imperative so that they work with maximum efficiency. Though a unit might be energy efficient, clogged ducts due to lack of proper maintenance imply that the unit works extra hard to regulate the home’s temperature. Hosing out the filters every once in a while ensures that it is free of debris, and allows the air to move freely, thus saving on energy.

As the night temperatures are lower, the energy efficient cooling system can be turned down so that its output is lowered, thus saving on energy and consequently, costs.

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