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If you’ve started noticing signs of spring in your garden or local park, hot weather will be following soon. New homeowners may not know the importance of an annual AC checkup. For folks who enjoy cold indoor air, a regular AC maintenance visit can ensure a breakdown is unlikely to happen. Trained and certified AC technicians know how to find hidden issues and damaged components inside your air conditioner.

Your AC Failed. What Now?

It happens when you forget to get your air conditioner serviced before the first hot day of the year. You turn it on, and there’s no cold air. You could end up waiting a few days or even longer for a repair because your AC company is inundated with requests from other customers who already made their appointment for AC maintenance.

This is a good time to ask about a maintenance agreement with Beckham and Jones Heating & Air Conditioning in Huntsville. Maintenance agreements can help reduce unwanted AC breakdowns and even provide additional discounts on parts and services as well as other benefits.

Spring Is the Time to Request Maintenance

Depending on where you live, spring can happen quickly or be a long process. The southern part of the U.S. may not see snow, but it can experience winter ice and freezing temperatures. Melting snow or ice is a sure way to gauge a seasonal change.

Once you notice that shift toward spring, give your AC technician a call and request a maintenance appointment. They can inspect every area of your system, clean components, replace the filter, and report needed repairs.

The Feeling of Comfort All Summer Long

Today’s homeowners know the value of an efficient cooling system. Regular maintenance visits can optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your air conditioning unit. That can lead to lower utility costs and longer service life for most air conditioners.

Don’t wait to schedule an appointment for your home or rental property. We can work with individuals, property owners, and property managers. Call Beckham and Jones Heating & Air Conditioning to find out more about our AC services. We also assist with heating and indoor air quality, so contact us today.

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