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Suppose you are planning on going through part of the hot summer without an air conditioner. In that case, our team at Beckham & Jones Heating & Air Conditioning in Huntsville, TX, has a few ideas to help keep you as comfortable as possible. If you need repairs for your air conditioner, installation of a new AC or you are waiting to have your AC maintenance done, we have some advice about keeping your home cool this summer.

1. Create a Comfortable Space

Whether you have to go a week or a month without proper air conditioning, you should have ways to keep it cool in your home. Shutting the doors to rooms you don’t normally use will give you less of a space to keep cool during the heat of the day. Getting dark curtains with a white back or black-out curtains can give you a cooler environment. Do a quick survey to make sure that there aren’t any places around your doors and windows that will leak in warm air, and make sure to keep them closed as much as possible if you have any source of cooling. Otherwise, the cross-ventilation may provide some relief.

2. Circulate the Air in Your Home

Use the ceiling fans in your home to keep the air moving. You can use the exhaust fans in your bathrooms and above your stove to help suck the heat out of those spaces.

3. Is Your Home Humid?

If your home is humid, consider getting a dehumidifier to help you and the other people in your home stay comfortable. The dehumidifier may not reduce the heat, but it will reduce the amount of liquid in the air and give you a dryer heat to contend with.

4. Cook Later

Cooking later in the evening or doing all your cooking in the morning and then merely warming things up for dinner will help you keep your home cool. Consider small appliances such as crockpots for preparing evening meals.

At Beckham & Jones Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer a full range of residential and commercial cooling, heating and indoor air quality installation, repair and maintenance services for the community. Contact us for an AC repair or a new air conditioner installation today.

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