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Maintaining your air conditioning and heating system is one key way to significantly improve your family’s quality of life. While many homeowners rarely give their HVAC system any thought until it begins acting up, this practice doesn’t bring any real peace of mind. It only serves to postpone the inevitable while preventing them from enjoying the many benefits of an efficient and well-tuned system. At Beckham & Jones Heating & Air Conditioning, we take pride in helping our customers in the Greater Huntsville area recognize and reap the many benefits of regular HVAC maintenance.

What Makes HVAC Service Agreements Such a Great Idea?

Perhaps you’ve never given much thought to the specific ways routine heating and air conditioning maintenance, locked into place by a Planned Maintenance Service Agreement from Beckham & Jones, could enhance your life. Here are six benefits that are worth considering:

  • 1. You’ll never miss the important system cleaning, tuning and check-ups that would otherwise be far too easy to put off. We notify you when your next maintenance check is due, ensuring that your equipment receives the regular upkeep it requires for optimal dependability and performance.
  • 2. You’ll receive priority service. As a Beckham & Jones Planned Maintenance Service Agreement holder, you’ll enjoy priority scheduling on all your services.
  • 3. You’ll save money by increasing the efficiency of your HVAC equipment. With regular heating and air conditioning maintenance service, you should see a significant reduction in your monthly utility bills through fuel conservation. Your actual savings will depend on the age, condition and original efficiency of your system.
  • 4. You’ll save even more through discounted parts and services and waived overtime charges. The discounts you’ll receive on your maintenance checkups, repairs, replacement parts and potential overtime charges will make your service agreement even more beneficial to your budget.
  • 5. You’ll enjoy consistently higher indoor air quality. Regular maintenance of your HVAC equipment, including conscientious air filter changes, will help enhance the breathability of your indoor air, providing greater comfort for everyone – especially for those who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions.
  • 6. Your HVAC equipment will experience fewer breakdowns and a longer lifespan. Regular system checkups not only catch many issues before they progress far enough to cause functional breakdown, but they also cut down on excessive wear and tear to your system that can decrease your system’s longevity.

HVAC System Maintenance Agreements Help You Save

Once you’ve locked in the benefits of your HVAC service agreement with Beckham & Jones, what will you do with the money you save? Plan a vacation? Sock away the savings in your child’s college fund? Renovate your home? The opportunities for saving money – while increasing comfort – by taking advantage of one of our maintenance agreements are virtually endless. If you’re located in Huntsville, Wilson, Madison or one of the surrounding locales, contact us today to learn more about the benefits you can reap through our convenient HVAC service agreements.

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