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Having an air conditioner freeze over is a frustrating situation for any homeowner. Here’s our first piece of advice: Don’t panic! In most cases, freezing is just a sign of a minor, easily fixable problem with your air conditioner, and even if it isn’t,we can fix it right away.

Check the Refrigerant Gauge

We’ll get the possible major issue out of the way right away. If your air conditioner is freezing up, your first step should be to check the refrigerant gauge and confirm that it’s still in the recommended range. Refrigerant chemicals serve to transfer heat through your air conditioner; a lower refrigerant level can upset those internal mechanics and cause the temperature to drop, forming ice. Refrigerant leaks require immediate attention, so turn your air conditioner off and call a professional for AC repairs right away.

Change the Air Filter

While refrigerant leaks are dangerous, they’re thankfully rare. A more common cause of freezing is a dirty air filter, which can constrict the flow of cold air out of the unit and cause the internal temperature to drop. Besides causing freezing, a dirty air filter can lead to efficiency issues and increase wear and tear on the rest of the air conditioner, so it’s best to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

If your unit uses a reusable filter, wash it with water and let it air dry completely before putting it back in the air conditioner. Trying to wipe it dry will likely damage the filter. If you need replacements for a disposable filter, go to a factory authorized dealer to find filters sized to fit your system. In either case, never let your air conditioner run without a filter, as that’s the only thing worse than a dirty filter.

Stop Overnight Operation

Sometimes, freezing has nothing to do with the air conditioner itself and everything to do with the outside temperature. When the outdoor air cools down overnight, it can cause your air conditioner’s internal temperature to likewise drop, leading to ice formation. If your air conditioner often freezes early in the morning, this is likely the culprit. Try turning your air conditioner off before bedtime and see if that fixes the problem.

At Beckham and Jones, we’re proud to provide top-quality professional air conditioner maintenance and repair throughout the Huntsville TX area. For more air conditioning troubleshooting tips or to schedule professional service, feel free to give us a call.

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