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HVAC customers can be easy targets. During a desperate moment when their heating or cooling systems are failing, they are often willing to pay thousands of dollars to get it working again. ACHR News reports that five to 20 scams each week are common, particularly when a heat spell hits town. By knowing these warning signs for fraudulent practices, you can identify reputable HVAC contractors when you need AC repairs.

Deeply Discounted Pricing

Be wary of unbelievable deals. This scenario typically involves a ridiculously low price for a big job, such as $49 for cleaning an air duct system. Once you take the bait, the scammer then tries to upsell you on other services or identifies other things wrong with your system. Always get a second opinion before proceeding with an expensive repair.

Verbal Agreements

Prevent surprise charges and attempts to upsell by confirming verbal offers in writing before the HVAC technician arrives. Estimates for AC repairs and full system replacements should never be delivered over the phone since these services require a licensed contractor to inspect a home for a thorough assessment of your cooling needs.

Overcharging for Parts

Unsuspecting customers are often overcharged for parts, sold services they don’t need or pay for products that were never replaced. To prevent unnecessary work, require HVAC contractors to give you the old parts. A written estimate should break down all charges so that you have a basis for comparing other prices and preventing unwanted services.

Hire a Reputable HVAC Contractor

The best way to avoid these scams is to develop a relationship with a trustworthy HVAC contractor long before AC repairs are needed. Since 1946, Beckham & Jones Heating & Air Conditioning has kept Huntsville residents comfortable during our muggy summer season. Visit our HVAC contractors services page or call us at (936) 295-9173 to learn more about our preseason inspections and maintenance tune-ups to keep your cooling system running efficiently.

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