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There’s no doubt the summer temperatures in Huntsville, Texas, have been as hot as you’d expect – or maybe even hotter. Although the local ice cream shop or pool might have helped in cooling you down while out having fun in the sun, your air conditioner has done most of the hard work in making sure you were cool and comfortable at home.

With the summer finally waning, it’s time to give your AC an end-of-season tuneup.

Change Your Air Conditioning Filters

First and foremost, if you’ve been taking care of your AC as much as it has taken care of you throughout the summer, you should’ve been changing its filter at least once a month. Even with the temperatures steadily cooling down in Texas, changing your air conditioning filter is the number one way to lighten your AC’s workload and to save money on your electric bill. Don’t forget to do this, even with the summer coming to an end!

Clean Your Air Conditioning Drain Pan

If your air conditioner’s drain pan is full of water, it likely means your drainpipe is clogged. Considering that the hot and humid conditions in Huntsville, Texas, can provoke algae and mold growth in such areas, it’s best to take care of the issue before either a mechanical problem or a health hazard occur.

To check the drainpipe for damage, turn off your AC and look for any holes, cracks or leaks coming from the drain line. If you notice a serious issue, contact an HVAC contractor immediately before moving further. Otherwise, replace the part as needed. Cleaning the drain pan itself is easy. The simplest way to do so is to use a quality wet/dry shop vac. Remove the water and any sludge or debris in the drain.

Clear Your Air Conditioning Condensate Line

If your air conditioner’s condensate line is clogged, you can also the wet/dry shop vac to unclog it. Simply locate the condensate line outside your home near its foundation, place your hand around it to improve suction and let the vacuum do the rest of the work. If you find this isn’t doing the trick, contact an HVAC professional so he or she can take a closer look without damaging other parts of your AC.

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