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As you consider your family and friends’ wishlists during the holiday season, it’s a great time to think about a present that’ll benefit everyone¬†— a new HVAC system. Whether you’re dealing with unreliable comfort management or more frequent repairs, new equipment can curb your frustration and that of your loved ones. At the same time, there are many innovations in modern equipment that can improve the quality of life in your home. Here are three reasons an HVAC upgrade may be the ideal family gift this year.

Affordable System Operation

Heating and cooling activity can raise your home’s energy bills dramatically, causing financial frustrations at the time when those funds would be more enjoyably spent on vacations or celebrations. However, replacing a heat pump that’s at least 10 years old can result in a dramatic improvement in energy efficiency, potentially saving up to one-fifth on your heating and cooling bills. Similarly, a furnace upgrade has the potential to curb your HVAC costs for winter heating. An old system may operate sufficiently, but the declining efficiency levels of an aging system may be detracting from your budget for other family activities.

Reliable and Improved Comfort Levels

An aging heat pump or furnace may also result in frequent HVAC repair issues. The more frequent these are, the more unreliable your indoor conditions become. An emergency HVAC repair during severe weather can be a safety risk as well, making it important to consider an upgrade to ensure consistent and reliable comfort management in your home.

It’s also helpful to recognize that modern equipment offers options that can mitigate annoying comfort issues associated with your equipment. For example, furnaces are known for heavy heating activity that can lead to dry conditions and almost too much heat. This heavy heating can be followed by dramatic cooling before the next cycle begins. Today’s equipment options include two-stage furnaces; systems that use gentle heating for milder comfort control needs. These units reserve heavy heating action for more extreme conditions, helping to mitigate comfort problems.

Convenient System Management

Modern equipment incorporates the best of technological advancements to ensure that your home comfort experience isn’t¬†only efficient but also easier to manage. Statistics indicate that only 40 percent of Texas homes have programmable thermostats, meaning that many are missing out on important comfort and financial benefits. Smart thermostats allow for precise monitoring of usage patterns for even better system control. Coordinated with compatible HVAC systems, these advanced controls can allow for optimized humidity levels, prompt filter replacement based on system alerts, and easy adjustments for situational issues.

The specialists at Beckham & Jones Heating & Air Conditioning are available to help you with a system upgrade in advance of the holidays or at your convenience. We can provide an estimate as you weigh the benefits of various features against your available upgrade budget. We can also provide important support services for your existing equipment if you are still deciding on the ideal system for home. Our Huntsville office can schedule your appointment today.

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