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It is said that ninety percent of our time is spent indoors. As such, indoor pollution is more hazardous than outdoor pollution.

Outdoor Symptoms

New and older home have much in common other than the standard amenities. The home environment is similar than the outdoor environment. But there are times that you feel ill and them feel better as soon as you step out of the house. After ruling out possible sickness related to extreme heat or cold Hay fever, Asthma attacks, Sunburn or sun poisoning or sickness associated with Tick and mosquitos, indoor sources of sickness must be considered as the cause of illness.

Indoor Symptoms

After you are in your house for a few hours, you may have symptoms of irritation of the nose eyes, throat and nose. Further, you have headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and fatigue. The signs are treatable and for a short term. However, because of the majority of time indoors, research suggests that the causes of the rising incidence of autism, allergies and toxin load, may be the result of poor indoor air quality.

Sources of Indoor Pollution

1. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly odorless, tasteless gas. If the gas is not properly vented, it is extremely dangerous to the home occupants. Its familiar sources are attached garages with the car still running, gas stoves, fireplaces, gas dryers, and water heaters. CO detectors place in the home will give out an alarm of the presence of CO.

2. Inadequate ventilation brings outdoor pollution into the house and keeps cooking and heating gases out of the house.

3. Radon, like CO, is an orderless and tasteless gas. It arises from bedrock and soil beneath the home. It is said that radon is one of the causes of lung gas and must be vented from home.

4. Tobacco smoke will irritate the lungs and nose of non-smokers

Products the Eliminate or Treat Indoor Air Pollution

a. Air Purifier with Odor Absorbing Hepa Filter
b. Humidifier
c. Laser Particle Counter
d. UV-C Sanitizer
e. Portable evaporative air cooler
f. Air Conditioner
g. Vapor Systems

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