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Heat pumps will help your home system become more efficient compared to using more traditional options such as a furnace. Advances in heat pump technology now mean that you can use a heat pump practically anywhere and save money on your electric bills.

Heat Pumps Can Save You Money

The Department of Energy estimates that using a heat pump can save you up to 50% of your power usage. Heat pumps will still use electricity, but they save you by transferring air between your home and the outdoors. Of course, the climate where you live will help determine how much you can save with your heat pump.

Ground Source Pumps Offer Additional Savings

Ground source heat pumps such as geothermal systems will cost you even less money to operate each month, saving you even more on your power bills. These systems will cost more to install, but they will greatly reduce the check that you have to write to the electric company each month.

Air Source Pumps Will Still Save You Money

Air source pumps exchange air with the outside. As a result, you will not have the same costs that you would if you opt to install geothermal heating, but they will not save as much on your power bills. Still, taking the air from outside the home will mean that you need electricity to heat your home.

How Heat Pumps Are More Efficient

The source of a heat pump’s efficiency comes from the fact that all it needs to do is move air. A traditional heating pump will need to convert air using fuel. Recent engineering progress can make an air source heat pump even more efficient. These improvements include more advanced coils and copper tubing. If you are looking for the highest possible efficiency, pay attention to the SEER rating.

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