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The heat exchanger is one of the most important components of your heating and air conditioning system. It consists of a set of metal tubes that allow heat to be exchanged between one liquid and another or a liquid and a gas. Over time, they can rust and develop weak places that develop into cracks or holes. This will not only make your system work less efficiently, but in some cases, it can cause a safety hazard.

Understanding Heat Exchangers

In a cooling system, the heat exchanger removes heat from the home and allows it to dissipate into the air. In a furnace, the heat exchanger absorbs heat from the burner or heating coils and transfers it to the ductwork where a system of blowers distributes it throughout the rest of the home. In a gas furnace, the heat exchanger also contains gases that are a byproduct of burning the fuel.

Waste gases in the heat exchanger include carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases. A crack in the heat exchanger allows carbon monoxide to escape the system and be distributed throughout the building. Too much carbon monoxide can cause severe illness or even death. The gas is colorless and odorless, and the signs of exposure can happen at low levels. A cracked heat exchanger is an emergency, and you should call us for emergency HVAC services if you suspect this is the case.

How Do You Know If Your Heat Exchanger Is Cracked?

A cracked heat exchanger might not always be obvious, and the best way to make sure yours is in good repair is to have the system inspected by a qualified professional. During the service, our technicians have tests that can be performed to make sure your system is working properly. If they find a problem, they can suggest solutions that are right for you.

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