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One of the most exciting new innovations in the HVAC industry is the smart thermostat. These programmable devices let you fine-tune the heating and cooling in your home, and many people claim they can help you save money by more efficiently heating and cooling your property.

How Much Does a Smart Thermostat Affect Heating Bills?

Finding the exact amount that you save on heating depends on what sort of heating system you use. People tend to save less on overall heating costs if they live in a warm climate or have a particularly energy-efficient heater like a geothermal heat pump. Typically, you can expect to save about 10%–12% on your heating bill with the use of a smart thermostat.

The Reason Smart Thermostats Save Money

Smart thermostats save money by making your heating system work less. They carefully analyze your habits and learn how to adjust the heater to a lower temperature when you will not notice it. This means that a smart thermostat may turn off the heater while you’re sleeping, when it is hot outside or while you are away for work. The end result is that your heater runs less without impacting your comfort at all.

How Quickly Will a Smart Thermostat Pay for Itself?

When you are thinking about saving money with a thermostat, keep in mind that the thermostat itself costs about $300 to $500 and saves you about $180 a year. This means that it will typically take two to three years before your utility bill savings begin to pay off the cost of the thermostat itself.

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