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Having your hot water heater operate correctly is very important, but sometimes you might find that your pilot light is out. Here’s how you can light it.

Working With an Automatic Water Heater

If your hot water heater is an automatic, you’re going to find a small “ignition” button just next to the pilot/on/off dial or button on the box that is sticking out on the side of your hot water heater. If you do see that button, turn your pilot button to the “off” position. Wait five minutes to let any gas dissipate so you don’t start a fire.

Next, turn your temperature dial to “low.” Hold the pilot button down and press the ignition button. You should see the pilot light being lit. As it’s lit, keep holding down the pilot button for about 30 seconds. That’s it! You’ve done it! Adjust your temperate back to the correct setting.

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Working With a Manual Hot Water Heater

For a manual hot water heater, you’re going to remove the plate on the side that is just below the silver box with the pilot/on/off button. After you’ve done that, look for another plate on the interior that you may also have to remove. Do so if necessary.

At this point, look for a pipe, or multiple pipes, that lead to a burner. This is what you will light. Get a long lighter that you might use for a barbecue. Turn the pilot dial to “off.” Wait five minutes to let any gas in the area dissipate. Set the temperate dial to “low.”

Next, turn the pilot dial to “pilot,” press that button down and hold it while you use your long lighter to light the burner. Keep holding the pilot button down for about 30 seconds. Then, release. Set your temperature back to the correct settings, and you are done!

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