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What do you expect to find in the package when you buy an HVAC system? Depending on the kind of system you buy, there could be several components included. Usually, someone who buys a whole system will have some of the functions integrated, which means they may not have to buy too many items. Let’s look at the main items in an HVAC system.

Furnaces for Heating

The heating function of the HVAC system is performed by the furnace. It is a special item on the list because it comes with a combustion chamber where fuel is heated to produce warmth. During the cold months of winter in Huntsville, you will need your furnace to be fully functional because it will be almost impossible to spend time at home when it is not working.

ACs for Air Conditioning

The air conditioner performs the opposite function of the furnace. While the furnace heats the interior, the air conditioner gathers heat from inside the house and expels it to the outdoors. Therefore, while you will need the furnace during the cold month, an AC will be handy when the temperatures rise.

Air Ducts for Ventilation

You need the air ducts to channel air in and out of the house. It clears the house of dirty air and ensures that you have air that will make you healthy. They come in different sizes and have to be cleaned often to get rid of dust and other particles because they affect the quality of air.

Thermostat for Regulation

The thermostat regulates the AC and the furnace so that you do not have to change the settings all the time. For instance, if you need the temperatures at 40 degrees, you only need to set the thermostat. It will disconnect the machines when that temperature is attained. If after some time the temperatures drop or rise, it will automatically switch on the machines and run until it achieves the set temperature.

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