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Madisonville, TX

Madisonville, TX Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Services

For much of its history, Madisonville has been a trade center for the rich agricultural lands that surround it. During the 19th century, it was settled by a mix of European farmers and businesspeople from the eastern third of the United States. In the early 20th century, it was chosen as the location for the Ferguson Unit of the Texas Department of Corrections. The TDC remains a major employer in the area. Due to its strategic location between Houston and Dallas, Madisonville was also fortunate enough to lie directly on the route of the planned interstate between the two cities. After the construction of Interstate 45, Madisonville turned into a major stopping point for travelers and truckers.


Madisonville is located near the geographical center of Madison County, Texas. It’s located just off Interstate 45 and is roughly one-third of the way between Houston and Dallas. In fact, the city proudly advertises the fact that it’s within a three-hour drive of 16 million people. Other major thoroughfares in the area include Texas Highway 75 and U.S. Highway 190. Like much of the rest of east-central Texas, Madisonville is surrounded by gently rolling terrain that’s covered by a mix of open prairie and stands of hardwood trees.

Population and Demographics

According to the most recently collected Census data, Madisonville has a population of about 4,500. Although the city continues to grow steadily, it hasn’t experienced the breakneck growth that’s common for outlying suburbs in the Houston and Dallas areas. Many locals continue to maintain ties to the agriculture industry. Others work for the Texas Department of Corrections or own small businesses that serve the residents of the surrounding rural areas. Due to the interstate’s proximity, the logistics business has a presence in town as well.

Things to Do in Madisonville, Texas

The Madisonville area is popular with outdoorsmen and lovers of folk culture. The trails and tracks that crisscross the city’s hinterland support all-terrain vehicles and mountain bikers as well as horseback riders. For golfers, the Oak Ridge Country Club offers low daily fees and a full-service clubhouse that doesn’t put on airs. Meanwhile, the Clubhouse at Lake Madison provides a refined atmosphere for family reunions, weddings and other big events. The Madison County Museum boasts an impressive collection of folk art and clothing from the region’s past. To the north, Fort Boggy State Park showcases an impressive range of habitats and supports hiking, camping and other uses.

Climate and Weather

Madisonville’s humid, warm climate is typical of that of eastern Texas. During the winter, cool, often rainy conditions predominate. Although the accumulation of frozen precipitation is relatively rare, frosts and hard freezes aren’t uncommon. The city’s growing season lasts roughly nine months, but it’s possible to grow hardier plants throughout the year here. During the summer, consistently hot, humid weather makes outdoor activity unpleasant. The transitional seasons feature cooling breezes and plenty of life-giving rainfall.

Air Conditioning Repair in Madisonville, Texas

Since 1946, Beckham & Jones Heating & Air Conditioning has provided a vast range of air conditioning services to the residents and business owners of Madisonville. With decades of experience in the region, we treat our customers like family. Our NATE-certified, factory-trained technicians carry up-to-date Texas licenses and full insurance policies that ensure the utmost quality in all the work they perform. Whether you need time-sensitive installations, air conditioning repairs, money-saving energy audits or routine maintenance, our professionals are happy to lend a hand. We also offer 24/7 emergency service and free estimates.

As a proud Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we’re committed to connecting customers with the perfect system for their needs. With Beckham & Jones, Madisonville doesn’t have to give heating and cooling a second thought.

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